Hello and nice to meet you! I’m Gabriel Jakab, a wedding and commercial photographer based in Cluj-Napoca.

Born in 1982 in Romania, I started out as a journalist, being part of the mesmerizing world of Media for almost 10 years. This is also the period when my photographic skills were polished and the passion for photography, one of my hobbies, grew stronger and stronger. When I wasn’t working, my weekends were spent taking pictures at my friends’ weddings or engagements, getting more confident with every year that passed. Finally, I realized that framing emotions (that’s how I like to define event photography) was my calling and I chose to do this for the rest of my life.

In any case, my love for photography doesn’t limit to shooting weddings or christenings, that’s why I will happily photograph sport events, real-estate or products.

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